option to buy car with minimum impact to credit score

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I am planning to buy a property within the next 6 months and at the same time have a necessity for a car. Can't afford buying car using cash only and will have to borrow.

I am looking for the option that will least impact my chances to secure a good mortgage rates.

Ideally, I would like to lease a new car. Please advise how to minimize impact to my credit worthiness.



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ANY purchase or lease will hurt your chances of getting a mortgage, unless your income is high enough and the house cheap enough it doesn't matter.  

It would probably be best to discuss this with the loan officer at a bank where you plan to get a mortgage.   They may not be experts in credit ratings, but they generally know what the rules are as far as what payments you can have with your income and down payment and still get a house for $xxx,xxx dollars.  

When I bought my house, I had a clunker I had paid $1500 cash for.  It was a piece of crap, and didn't really fit everyone in my family.  But, having a clunker and no car payments made it possible to buy my house.  Then, after buying the house, we got a minivan that DID fit everyone in the family.  

However, buying the house meant worse financing for the car.  

Such is life.  You may have to decide which is more important to you -- the house or the car.  For me it was the house.  

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