improve credit score through credit builder loan

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Hi, I am currently in IL and trying to improve my credit score (for mortgage and car lease/finance) in a short span. One of the technique that I would like to use (suggested by online experts) is getting a credit builder loan and paying it off by 91.1% almost immediately to boost my scores and the remainder 9% in the next x number of years

  • I have equifax score in 700s but the other 2 TU/EX is in mid to low 600s
  • Navy is not an option for me as I don't have any relatives in the forces. 

Here is a list that I have consolidated through the research that seems to be the answer (but I want  an expert to confirm it)

- Andrews FCU

- Ideal Credit Union

- Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU)


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I was in a similar situation like you I was trying to improve my credit score for a lower rate, but I couldn't succeed,and then one of my friends told me to address to a company from whom he took a loan some time ago, he told me that here are the lowest annual rates. I took a loan and it really was only a 1 % annual rate and also without any hidden fees. They gave me a loan even if I had a bad credit score. I recommend you stop wasting time and to take a loan from this guys because they are the best.

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