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Midland Credit Management Lawsuit Suffolk NY Help!


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Hello All!

I need some help. I have been sued by Midland Credit Management for a total of about 6100 in a Suffolk County District Court. I have been reading and doing research. One of the companies is Citi, which is 4,999.73 total. The other is Synchrony Bank for the balance. I recieved a summons with two complaints attached. I will be answering my summons in a timely manner in a few days. I have put an affirmitive defense of requesting arbitration in my answer, among other defenses.. I know Citi has a clause that if it is in small claims court, they can choose to not arbitrate, which would mean MCM wouldn't have to either. I am being sued in Civil Court, I am assuming because the total amount is over 5, 000. 

Do I have to file 2 seperate MTC s for each of the card agreements? Would this kick the Citi card agreement down to small claims court? The Citi card will arbitrate using AAA, Synchrony will use JAMS.

Also, I found the court rules for filing a motion, but I don't understand. I need to file the answer this week. Can I file the MTC(s) in a week when I've had time to get it all together??

I do have copies of the original credit agreements. I am aware I need to file an MTC, I kind of get what to write, but, I am not sure how to start it. 

I thank you in advace for your help in this matter! I have read fisthardcheese's thread on Arbitration. Any other places you can point me for help would be greatly appreciated!


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