Debt Collector did not sign for DV

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4 hours ago, WhoCares1000 said:

That is where your husband should have answered and demanded they stop calling (and send a separate letter). In fact, he might still have a TCPA violation if you have those records since he never gave anyone permission to call him on his cell phone.

I would suggest getting the stuff ready for arbitration now and understanding how the process works. Until you have these people backed into a corner and realizing that this is going to cost quite a bit, they will probably not settle for too much.

Thanks, that's good advice.

I'm getting familiar with the arbitration process. I have a hearing scheduled for next week with a MTC I prepared based on information from this site, which has been extremely helpful and informative.

The one in this thread is a Synchrony account, so it'll probably have a good arbitration clause based on what I've read here.

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The woes of a location not picking up their mail. There IS a solution, friends. Google your states secretary of state website, find it, click the link, click the links that take you to "find entity", type in the name of the company, corporation, agency, whatever you wanna call it that you wanna find and click enter. Voila, the registered agent for that company shall appear. Send your notices to THAT address, to the person named if it is an individual or to the company name listed as the registered agent for service. Not only will that person or entity sign for that package or letter, they will forward it to the appropriate parties avoiding the nonsense of your mail not being picked up or sitting in some mail room in an office for up to 2-3 months before anyone ever opens it. I know its an old thread, but couldn't help. Some states its free to look up registered agents on the fly, in Texas where I am it costs $1 per search on the Texas SOS Direct website.

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