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my score is 629 in Illinois

collections are:

$5000 nordstrom account

$4000 Citibank account

$115 Peoples Gas

It's been past 30 days since I've gotten the collection letters so I guess I can't do a DV since they might not respond?

what is the next step?


Also how can I remove late payments from accounts I still use and have recently been in good standing with?

I feel like a loser I couldn't get a car loan


I also have a mortgage off $250k

Married but never changed last name

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Your best shot at getting them off is to sue whoever is reporting for violations of the FCRA (and FDCPA where applicable). The easier but less effective method would be offering to pay the debts in exchange for having them deleted from your reports.

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It depends on who owns it.  If the OC has sold it to a debt buyer, you would offer the PFD with the buyer.  Just FYI, this won't remove the OCs charge-off from your reports, and because they no longer own it, they have zero incentive to remove it.

If the OC does still own it, I would try to negotiate with the OC directly to have them pull the account back from the CA.  The OC will probably tell you that you have to deal with the CA, though.

If this works with any of them, I'd put my money on the gas bill.

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