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Moving out of state before hearing date

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I keep an eye on my county's court website here in TN since I know a few JDB's are after me. 

One got filed against me by Portfolio yesterday, with a hearing date of 11/02, but I'm moving to Texas at the end of August. (got a much better paying job)

There is no info on who the OC is or the amount.

Right now I can't afford a lawyer, but with my new job I might be able to come November when the first hearing is.  

It seems to take a while for process servers to get to people where I live in rural TN, so I may be gone by the time they try to serve me, but I won't count on that.

I always fight JDB's and make them prove their case and will use arbitration if that is an option, but I won't be here for the hearing date, even if I file an answer before I move, so I'm not sure what to do.

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Well, you got a problem.  

Even if they can't serve you, they could use a publication service.  So maybe you should contact them before you move and arrange to be served, so you will at least have a copy of the complaint.  

The rest is up to you.  Can you handle the case remotely?  During this time of COVID_19, can you appear by phone for hearings?  

Of course, there is the issue as to who the OC is, and for how much money.  Is the money worth the hassle of traveling back to fight the case?  Quite seriously, it might not be worth it.  You might be better off coming to some sort of settlement, which may not be a good one, but would be better than having a judgment on your record.  

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Yup, I may contact them and try to settle if I get served, especially since I will be making much more money soon.

I suppose I could waive service and file and answer, then hire a lawyer to show up at the hearing in November, since I will be able to afford one then.


I'll call the courthouse and ask if I can appear by phone - good idea.  I may also go by there and get a copy of the complaint so I can see who and for how much.  Javitch Block is the law firm.

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