Filed my answer...now what?

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There are several possibilities. 

1.  During this time of COVID, many courts are putting cases on hold.  It could be that simply nothing is happening in your case.  This is what you want to be happening you haven’t heard anything. 

2.  A hearing was scheduled, and you haven’t been notified yet.  

3. A hearing was scheduled and you somehow didn’t get the notification.  If the hearing is in the future, you still have time.  If in the past, you need to find out to correct the situation.  

Is there some way to find out the status of your case online?   If so, you can get the answer quickly.  If not, you need to call the court and find out how to get the status of your case. 

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Yes, I look at least once a week online to see if anything has happened with the case & nothing has changed. I did get a phone call from them after I filed my Answer and they wanted to see if I wanted to set up payment arrangements. I played dumb saying I knew nothing of the debt because I was scared they were trying to trap me in to admitting something. 

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You are in California. Some counties in California were 2 - 3 years out on hearing cases before COVID hit. Now with COVID hitting California hard, who knows when the case will be heard.

In any case, keep a watch for activity but use the time to determine what your next step will be and to get the paperwork ready so that you are ready to go when things to get going. Also, determine a possible settlement amount and get that prepared to offer if this goes on for too long. PA might be willing to take 50% now rather than waiting for the court if you have cash on the barrel to do the deal (and note that you can offer a deal without admitting that the debt was yours, that happens all of the time in business and settlement negotiations cannot be used against you in court).

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On 8/17/2020 at 11:21 AM, Csimp said:

I filed my answer to a summons I received from Portfolio Recovery back in May 2020. Nothing has happened since then. What should happen now? Is it over? 

I just got served last week in California. Do you mind telling me what you said in your answer? And what kind of answer form you used? 

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