Need help with debt (Genesis Health Club)

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So about 3 years ago, I went to my local Genesis Health Club and closed out my account and paid off my remaining balance of $100 and change. 

Anyways, I just received a letter in the mail from a law office stating that I now owe $400+ to them in regards to my Genesis Health Club account. I closed out the account and paid off the balance around 3 years ago, so I have no documentation showing that I paid it. 


However, this is the first contact i’ve received by mail/phone/email/anything regarding this debt. So i’m not exactly sure why if I actually did owe them money (which I don’t, I paid it all off in person at my local club) why I was never contacted about it by them. It’s almost as if they sat on it for as long as they possibly could without making a single attempt to contact me so that it could accrue as much interest as possible. How could I owe them money and they not say a single word about it for 3 years and automatically send it to a law office (which says on the bottom of the letter that they’re a debt collector, so i’m not sure which one it really is) 


I just feel like this whole thing is extremely shady, and thought I would make a post on here to see what you guys think and how I should proceed. 



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