Just got served by PRA Hunt and henriques And I need Help!

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I just got served by a debt collection company called PRA and their attorney is Hunt & Henriques. My original creditor was PayPal Credit/Synchrony. My total debt as stated on the summons is $3,364.95. My account was opened back in 2016 and I stopped paying sometime in 2018.

I’ve got 30 days to answer but how do I answer? The summons paper says I can find the form online but what form is it? And should I also file an arbitration now? If so, how Do I get a hold of my agreement contract to see if I do JAMS or AAA?

I’ve done a ton of reading on here on cases that’s been dismissed but damn, I’m feeling really really scared at the moment. It’s all I’ve been thinking about.

Any and all help you guys can provide me would be great. And what are my chances of getting my case dismissed?


btw, I’m from California.

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