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Hey everyone Im a little confused and hoping someone can clear up some confusion for me! So I was sued by Midland Funding for a collections amount of $680. I immediately answered the summons and requested arbitration by filing a motion with the judge. The judge approved my motion and in the letter stated the parties can resolve the dispute with a private arbitrator as I had requested. It also stated if the debt collector disagreed they had 20 days to appeal. This was almost two months ago. I send the debt collector a mutual release letter requesting case be dropped in the best interest of time and expense and never heard anything back. As stated in the letter I filed for arbitration for JAMS and sent the other side a copy of the demand. Since then I received an email from JAMS with my reference number and was told my case was assigned to a case manager that will be following up. That was about 2 weeks ago. I have sent her an email a few days ago following up but still no response. There has been no further communication  between me and the debt buyer since. I received a Letter today from the court saying the case has been referred to The alternative resolution dispute department for arbitration with the court and that ill be receiving a Date and time of hearing within the next 10 days. What are my next steps? I followed everything ive seen on here to the T. I was under the impression I was to wait for the debt collector to either pay up and go through JAMS or request the case to be dismissed with the court if they fail to cooperate. Any info would be greatly appreciated! 

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