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Good payment history was deleted? Score tanked.


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I did a dispute in late August on “14” items listed on my credit report as they were listed negatively as “closed” when the reality is that they were student loans that were transferred due to being sold to new creditors (ie I did not initiate this change nor welcome it), I began the disputes in an effort to simply have them reflect accurately and transferred as the debt never at any point got wiped or charged off in any way. I received the dispute findings back this week and 8 of the 14 have been listed as “information deleted”...meaning 201 payments worth of good standing got wiped from my account! Naturally, what didn’t get deleted were accounts with missed payments...how convenient! It’s not at all that I’m suggesting my bad payment history should be cleared, I fully acknowledge there was a time when I was unable to pay and went into default, but all loans are in good standing now, no debt has ever been cancelled, and now losing those 200 good payments has thrown my good standing percentage out of whack. Of those “14” accounts, they all stem from the 3 original student loans that have simply been sold to four different companies over the past decade; that’s insane. I called TransUnion (with whom I filed the initial disputed) and they essentially told me they have nothing to do with it? They said I need to call the creditors directly but there is no contact info listed as I believe the companies merged etc during all of the debt buyouts. All of this has caused my payment percentage to go from 93% down to 86%, seems kind of unfair? Any help would be much appreciated! I’ve been working so hard to pay down debt, save for a house, and improve my credit, so this is definitely a disheartening blow.

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