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Thinking of Chapter 7 or 13, have some questions


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I'll try to keep this short and sweet, I racked up a lot of revolving debt about 5 years ago, almost 60k worth. I paid a lot of it off, down to about 30k now of straight credit card debt but in the past year or so it creeped up to like 36k since I bought a house and filling a house with stuff is pricy. I live in PA, I make like 90k a year but this is with two jobs at 70+ hrs a week which I couldn't have sustained for much longer anyways. I also have a mortgage with my fiancée and a car note. The other day I hurt my leg and I'll be out of work for 2 to 3 months, I got surgery next week. Right now all my credit accounts are in good standings but I know I'm going to fall behind. I'll have no issues paying the mortgage and car note with my wifes income and the little savings we have together but the credit cards are a bridge to far. My fiancée is scared if I file for bankruptcy it will effect her credit or our mortgage we have together, will it? Also since I can continue to pay for my car will it be a issue to keep it? I have no savings to myself but do have a joint savings account with my wife with about 10k in it, can that be protected? Will I have to worry about people coming to the house and trying to sell our furniture/TVs? My car note for example is with a local credit union, I also do my general banking with them, I have a credit card with them with about 7k on it. If I file and discharge that card will they close my checking/savings account?  

Thanks for taking the time to read

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