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I have a default judgment in Colorado from 2014. I am getting ready to sell a piece of real estate and the title company told me about it. I ordered a copy of the file for the case. They served a neighbor three houses away. I didn't receive service and was unaware this case even existed. It is from a junk debt buyer.

There are many sites on the Internet about void judgments. I understand they lacked personal jurisdiction since I had no notice, and therefor was unable to respond.

This judgment is not on my credit report.

I have read that because the case is so old that I would need to do a collateral attack.

I am not 100%, or even 50%, sure how to do this. There proof of service has a physical description that does not match me, Nine inch height difference and wrong address. I have lived at the same address for almost 15 years.

Any help or guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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