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I am just finding out that my wife has been delinquent on 3 credit cards. The largest of these is $27,450.00. We have always kept separate bank accounts and credit cards. This one is over a year past due  and that she ignored all attempts to reach her. Including the suit filed against her. A judgment was awarded to the plantiff  and  the lawyer was given receivership and has frozen her bank accounts. Finally that  gets her attention!! She showed me a letter from the attorney asking the court to remove the receivership and allow him to disperse the funds. A total of $5724 was recovered of which $4278 was designated to go to Calvary SPV I. She has no income and is unable to work due to health reasons. Obviously her credit is in shambles, any advice on how to assist her at this point? I am afraid to be drawn into this myself, but I can't allow the head in the sand approach any longer. Thank you for any knowledge you may be able to give me.

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