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Unifund Suit in Tx


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I have been sued by unifund in Texas, lost my chance at Arb. through faults of mine ( lack of knowledge district court civil procedure rules). Anyway trial set Nov 9th. I have discovery and have their affidavit and chain of sale, which is unbroken. From recent court cases and Texas rules I'm not sure I can beat their affidavit on hearsay rule. Should I send motion for the affiant to testify? Also not sure how much info has to be there on the sale and transfer. Here is the second sale. This first sale from Barclays had much more information as far as terms of sale. the other two sales had the same information.

unifund affidavit.png

Unifund Sale 2.png

Unifund Sale 2b.png

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If you are in district court, I wouldn't do anything pro se there. You truly need either an attorney or at least the guidance of one. You say "lost my chance at Arb. through faults of mine". How are you sure you lost your chance? And when it comes to a court higher than small claims, refer to that word "faults" in your previous statement I quoted, please.

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