Best Way to Negotiate after Judgment?

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I want to settle a judgement after 4- years when I got it. They attached one of my banks but there were no funds in it so that account I cant do anything with-

They just initiated a wage garnishment but its a part time gig and in California they are not going to get much. But I want to rid this thing once and for all.

What is the best negotiation tactic to offer less than 50% of a about a 4K debt?  Should I contact the debt buyer directly- the attorneys that are listed on the account for wage garnishment.

Should I not phone call them or just send a letter certified to offer a settlement?




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If you're still around, I'm curious to know what became of your situation. I'm in a very similar boat. Almost $4k including interest. Haven't contacted anyone yet, but my preliminary strategy is going to be just offering to pay up the full amount, but in installments. Not sure if I contact the debt buyer, or the lawyer representing them...

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