FDCPA violation

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On 11/11/2020 at 11:18 PM, Dan001 said:

@alwayswinning36I was sued for debt and I opted for arbitration which was granted by the court in line with the personal debt agreement. I noticed that the amount that I am being sued for is lower than the amount that is stated in the bill of sales sent to me.  If the amount is higher, I might start adding interests to see if that is what it is but this looks like a mistake on their part , an oversight but whatever it is , the numbers don't are not same and are not true to any figures related to this alleged debt. I am using that as a my tool in arbitration. Do I have to inform the attorney that i will report them or just go ahead and do it because it is like suing me for one thing and presenting documentation that does not match ,

Thanks so much for your anticipated answer

How do you do thst

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