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Sued In GA // LVNV — Stenger & Stenger

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First time poster. I have also thoroughly gone through a majority of key word threads but I wanted help because none seem to ask specifically what I’m wanting to know.


I’m being sued by LVNV and it’s for about $1200. There’s more of a run around since it’s not my debt but it’s tied to my social (family member). 
I thought I had settled everything years ago from the damage they did to my credit but this popped up out of the wood works when I filed for another civil case.

So, I just want to settle. Pay them and make them go away but I’ve never been sued before and don’t know what my first step should be. My attorney is $$$ and it makes no sense to pay for one when the cost of the lawsuit is so little.

What is the best way to go about this and also in the papers I was served it states I’d be on the hook for their legal fees? Is there a way to pay them and not be held responsible for their legal fees?

I know I could challenge this and likely win but because of the past (and who used my into) , I’d prefer to not challenge or deal with this past  settling quickly.

Thank you!! 

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