Timing for Execution of a Judgment

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I will soon have a judgment against me. I'll attend my zoom court hearing, but I have no defense, it's Bank of America, and I owe the money. They have no payment plan I can afford currently (I'm barely in the black right now), so I am planning bankruptcy. I am in Texas, and I can't find real information about whether there is a grace period after a judgment has been entered. I have seen some conversations about a 30 day period where the debtor is granted time to respond...but my question is, can the creditor receive a bank levy immediately after the judgment is entered? Do I need to stop using my bank account immediately? Or do I have time to file bankruptcy, to get the levy action stopped?

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Please ignore the spam. 

BK is certainly an option. 
Also, the laws in Texas are good for debtors. They cannot garnish your wages.  

However, if you have bank accounts or real property you could find yourself in a mess.  

Find out what your options are.  Find out how vulnerable you are to a judgment, and also find out what the BK effects would be.  You probably should consult a reputable bankruptcy attorney 

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Thank you so much. Yes, I have heard from a lawsuit attorney today, who said that 30 days is a minimum, for executing on a judgment. And...that bank levies are expensive, and companies (even BofA) rarely go that direction. I believe they may give me some time, as I have asked them to work with me so that I can avoid BK. Still...I agree not to trust in anything, and protect my meager wage earnings as well as I can. I appreciate your answer. 

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