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Previous lawsuit experience questions

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Hi all,

Long time lurker looking for some insights.  Typically how long are CC lawsuit cases in court?  I'm in AZ so I'm trying to figure out once sued, the timeline from beginning to end.  What are some of the ways to delay in court a judgement?  My biggest concerns are with OC so even if I lose I planned to fight to the bitter end and hoping for some strategy to delay trials. The delays will allow me time to get my "stuff" together for BK.   Thanks.  

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We cannot answer your question because there are quite a few variables such as how backlogged the courts are in your county due to COVID and whether they are even hearing cases or not. It also varies depending on who is suing you, Even with OCs, some have Arbitration clauses which allows you to extend the timeline a little bit vs say, Capital One who does not have an arb clause and will have the evidence needed so the cases go very quick, even if you try to put up a defense.

The first way to delay things is to always answer a summons and complaint with an answer to shows their might be issues for a judge to decide. This at least stops them from getting a default judgement and makes them work the case. From there, it depends on who is suing and what the contract says.

Also, fighting to the bitter end can become quite expensive for you in court fees so if there is a chance to settle for something, you might want to settle.

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