Help please!!! Summons filed sued by Hunt & Henriques

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Hi guys and gals! Just received a summons and I’m being sued by Hunt & Henriques. They tried to serve me but I wasn’t home and got a message from the server. I looked up the summons and it was filed dec 15 2020. 
I first sent DV letter back in January and they complied. They sent a stack of debt paperwork showing all the charges made through Cap 1. Since the pandemic started things slowed down until now. After the DV and return of account statements I received a letter of intent to file law suit. After that letter they sent a letter offering to work the debt out. Now I’m being sued and it’s in my county court. I believe it states to respond within 30 days? Could anyone offer me some advice on how to respond? I put off dealing with these guys because I’ve heard horror stories about their tactics. Please help if can. Thanks y’all 

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