Texas JP Court Hearing Notice, Need Help.....

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Hello everyone. Today (12/30/20) I received a "Hearing Notice" from my local JP#1 Court (Longview, Texas) set for 2/10/21. This originates from approximately 1-1/2 to 2 year old voluntary vehicle repossession.  I had no choice but to let it go back as to other more important medical related issues of my Daughter. I had to make a choice, keep the truck or pay for my Daughters ongoing medical needs so I returned the truck to the dealer. I have already replied to the initial "Complaint" explaining everything to the Court and the Plaintiff. The vehicle was with Chrysler Financial. So now, these low life thugs called Crown Asset management are suing me and apparently have this insane idea that they think I am going to pay them anything. However, I still have to go to trial and play the game. In light of that, is there anyone who can help me so I don't walk in there and make a fool of myself? Since I do have to show up, I need to be as knowledgeable and educated as possible. I cannot afford a lawyer, that's why I'm on here hoping someone can give me some legal information.




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