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2 hours ago, Brotherskeeper said:

The linked to threads above have descriptions of what occurred at the poster's pre-trial conference. These are usually quick. The judge wants to know how to schedule the process (discovery, pre-trial motions, etc.) up to trial on the court calendar, and if settlement between the parties may be possible. (IANAL) I would be prepared to discuss your plan to file a motion to compel arb. The judge may ask why you haven't done so before now since you filed your Answer back at the beginning of November. The judge is in charge of the proceeding. You speak to the judge, not the attorney, when the judge asks you questions; you refer to the judge as "Your Honor." This is not the place to argue your case or against the plaintiff's case. I personally would speak as little as possible unless more is necessary to advocate for what you need--like your MTC arb. Good luck.  

I am sorry to ask and I know it seems silly of me to ask but I am confused. What does IANAL mean?

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