GAP insurance and First Investors

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In 2018 I purchased a vehicle with Emterprise Used Cars. I opted to get GAP insurance due to the state I live in. I was visiting a friend in Rosarito Mexico, had The General (never again) and purchased car insurance for Mexico. As should. Well my car was stolen in front of their home in the parking area. The MX insurance paid their part. With no notification or anything I started receiving collection notices. I have written them and on several times called them considering there was nothing in the contract about not covering if stolen in Mexico not even 100 miles from the US border. They didn’t start reporting it until January 2020 as 30 days late, but all was paid off in June 2019 by the Mexico insurance This is fraud and how can they get away with it? Trying to dispute it but they keep saying it’s owed. I don’t owe null and void contracts. This company is crap! 

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You have two different issues, even if the company is the same, or different branches of the same company. 

1.  You have an issue with the lender wanting what is due to them. Completely understandable.  Having your car stolen doesn’t remove your obligations to pay off the loan.  Of course, the entire point of gap insurance is so the loan will be paid off if the car is stolen. In this instance, the financial lenders are in the right.  

2.  You have an issue with the gap insurance company refusing to pay for a theft in Mexico. 

I don’t know the language of the insurance contract you signed in the US.  I don’t know if they would have to explicitly include it explicitly exclude thefts in Mexico.  

Meaning either you are right and need to fight this, or they are right and you are liable for whatever you still owe.  I don’t know the answer. 

You should get a consultation with an attorney. Many will give a free first consultation.  An attorney will be able to explain your particular case to you, to see if you should fight or fold.  

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