Settlement before attorney referral with Discover

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Hi, I'm in a similar position with Discover, but I waited/ignored the calls until they sued me - I had no money to settle or pay at the time anyway.  I owe $5600. Before I filed my response, they offered to settle for $3900 or make payments for the full amount over 48 months.  I just received their 'Request for Admissions' two days ago.  Our hearing date is set for Feb 2022.  There was never any mention of arbitration.  I am in California.  I'm being sued by Suttell & Hammer on behalf of Discover Bank.

So, at this point, should I try calling to settle or send my response to their Request for Admissions?  I'm not sure how to answer those, but I can post what they asked for and would appreciate any advice on that.  Maybe in a new thread?? 

My goal would be to ride this out and hope to get the lowest settlement possible, as I have a few other creditors who I will probably be hearing from soon too.  I can afford to pay about $3000 right now.

Thank You!


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Hi BornFree-

In CA, when you file your response to their initial complaint, you have to pay $225 filing fee; after that, I don't think you have to pay anymore; you just have to answer their request (and send your own) directly with S&H.  Just be sure to file it before the 30 days deadline. Good Luck!

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