Trying to raise credit score by about 25 points

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I have about $7500 in charged off debt with Chase, about $6000 in charged off debt with Bank of America, both of those charged off in summer 2019, and $4300 or so in arbitration with a JDB. I have a mortgage with no late payments ever, and another small line of credit with Capital One which is like $1000 and has never been late either. Unfortunately I had a silly $90 medical bill that ended up going to collections which got reported and I paid it off in full but it’s there. 

I really want to refinance my house so I can save up some money to clean my credit up if possible, but I need to bump my score by 25 to be able to refinance. Is there anything I can do with any of these situations that would boost my score by that much? I could settle the charged off debt but I don’t know if that does anything, I’ve read here that it doesn’t do much. I don’t have the money to pay them in full but could settle for maybe 25% on each with the OCs in this case. 

Anyone else have any other recommendations?

Thank you!

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