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Midland - Citi Arbitraion Motion Hearing - Texas


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Hi all,

As the title says, I have a hearing on my MTC Arb coming up next month.  Since there is a carve-out, which reads "Individual Claims filed in a small claims court are not subject to arbitration, as long as the matter stays in small claims court."  I know it will be a 50/50 whether the judges grants it.  I've been doing research trying to find good arguments, but it doesn't appear as though anyone has taken this all the way to the Texas Supreme Court.  I really don't want to be the first.  So if anyone has any good arguments and/or case law I could reference, I would appreciate the assistance.

Also, should the plaintiff not show (not holding my breath as this is a Zoom meeting), can I ask for the entire case to be dismissed or only for my motion to be granted?

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