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Sued and moved out of state


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I have been fighting a collections case for over 3 years in MN and just found out I lost. The judge gave approval for the collection agency to enter a judgment against me for $9700. I moved to AZ 6 months ago. If I do nothing and this is transferred to AZ, will I have to pay additional fees? This is a case of fraud but I lost. I have already paid my MN attorney $3500 and I’m broke. I want that dirty collection agency to work for their money but I’m just not sure if I’ll be responsible for additional fees because of being out of state.

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In most states, you are required to pay the fees that is costs the creditor to collect from a debtor on a judgement. At least you are out of Minnesota now (assuming you have no assets in Minnesota either) where the courts nickle and dime you for everything. If you have assets in Minnesota, they will try to attach those first. When they cannot find anything to satisfy the judgement, they will then depose you to find assets. It is at that point where you will have to tell them that you are an Arizona resident now. You have to answer that because if you don't, there will be a warrant issued for your arrest.

When it comes to Arizona, what they will do is file for transfer of foreign judgement which will probably be an easy process. They will then start the levy/garnishment process again and again, can ask for collections costs in regard to enforcing the judgement.

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