I used my moms debit card without her permission

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I used my moms debit card without her permission, spent 25 dollars online buy ejuice, she if i pay her back she will forgive, i did but she files claim for unauthorize charge to get her money back. will the bank prosecute me and report to the police, is it worth their time and money for one time purchase of 25 dollars, do the cops care or do they have others bigger things to worry about than a 25 dollar charge. My mom told the bank i have a mental illness and bank says hopefully you resolve your issues between us both. What do you guys think.

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Depending on your state, you could be in trouble. You could be charged with debit/credit card abuse. The charge itself, in Texas at least is a little misleading. You'd think it would be fraud, but here at least it is not. The bottom line is, that the card wasn't yours to use and you weren't authorized to use it. If you give your mom back the $25, and she still reports it to the bank or credit card company to get the $25 back from them for the charge, the bank could possibly prosecute you themselves. I am not quite sure about that, though.

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