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Midland Credit Management "Pre-Legal Notification" Letter


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I successfully removed a debt collector from both my credit reports due to identity theft/fraudulent amount.

The Midland Credit Management says I owe $7,795.52 in a pre-legal letter that says to pay by 3/20/21 or attorney review and a lawsuit will be their next step.

I think I sent them a debt verification letter years ago and that's how I got it removed from my credit report at both Bureaus, but I can no longer find a copy of it. My computer went  bad.

They say that the original creditor is Synchrony Bank for "PayPal Credit" not a credit card.

It says is was charged off 3/19/2019 and last paid in 7/26/2018.

Again, this is not a debit that is on my credit report because it's removed from both bureaus. 

What do I do now? I don't want to be sued for a debt that literally I already successfully refuted with both bureaus and got off my record.


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I checked and this still isn't on my credit report. I just sent them a debit validation letter and further reminded them that I already disputed this debt successfully and it was removed from both credit bureaus. I also reported in my letter that I am demanding arbitration if they continue to try to collect this debt.

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Wondering if you have an update on this situation.

I have the *exact* same situation on my hands currently.  Midland showed up on all 3 bureau reports a little over a year ago.  I disputed and all 3 were removed.  I was sent a nasty-gram from Midland saying they removed the accounts from my reports along with a photocopy of an old paypal credit statement that had my name but incorrect address info on it.  I hadn't heard from them in quite awhile but this week got the UPS "pre-legal" status letter.  Plan to respond with a request for verification, just was wondering if you resolved this situation. 

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He has been sued see his tread it has all the information you will need to respond if you get served.

OTH I got three UPS "pre-legal" status letters over three accounts from MIDLAND in March, they are preparing suits from what I can tell from info on their site.  Just go to Midland site lookup your account. On the account page there is a tab for documents. If they have a list of PDFs with bunch of statements and goodbye letter you will be sued soon. Don't worry to much as PayPal has arbitration clause you can fight and win. Or you can take one of the offers if any on the other  tab.  They bought a Capital One account of mine with no arbitration clause. I didn't want them filing suit on that one as I would get a judgement (looking at all the statements they had and not having money to settle it).  I opted to get on a 5 year payment plan with automatic withdraws. I set it up on my PayPal debit card so they don't get my banking info. 

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