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March 9th, I thought  I Iost my credit one card was hysterical as I had not activated the card( received a reminder from bank). SO I called to report card lost. I was told I activated this card #2/21 but I never did( hence why I received card) So I called what I THOUGHT was customer service. Ofcourse    I reached a foreign sounding person. She said all information had to be verified. I shouldn't have given it to her but I was very upset at the time.( I had a friend on the listening in) Of course they kept asking me did I want another card and I said no for the 3rd time and she claimed she put the lost report through. I felt uneasy,after hanging up, so a few minutes later I called Credit one back. Yes, another foreign person, one I could barely understand? He asked the usual question but did not ask for my entire social security number. Immediately he tells me the account is closed. I thanked him and asked for the Fraud Department number.  He asked, why did I need fraud, he could help me.I ignoring his questions I asked is there a fraud unit and if so what is the telephone number. He said I can transfer you to "account counseling: they can help me.  For the last time I asked for Fraud Dept  and he started babbling , so I said good day, good bye. In case you need to speak to someone in that department the number is1-888-362-0005

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