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Sued in Texas...My journey


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I have fought the cc companies back successfully til SOL took away their options. 
However this is my very first court case. 

OC is Synchrony Bank- Walmart

     i was served papers 3 days ago to which I have already filed a general denial and will submit to court today. 
     I have already opened a case in JAMS and will mail OC and their attorney request for funds for arbitration as per their cc agreement. 

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Read you agreement and see what it says about Arb.  You may need to file the MTC for arb to get it moved out of court.  Also, in the past, some JDBs have not paid fees for arbitration and places like JAMS may not take up the case without a court order.  This also gives you leverage should they not pay the fees since you can go back to the court and show they did not do what they were supposed to.

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I have filed initial paperwork with JAMS and have requested $250 from OC and JDB. 

i have not filed my motion to compel arbitration but will file few days prior to court. 

For now I have filed generically denial and awaiting a court date to be announced. 

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Background info:

I was in $25k of credit card debt  

Thru DebtorBoards and many hours of research and reading, i successfully fought every single JDB and OC with our methods and have succeeded every time. 
I have never sued OC/JDB for FDCPA or TCPA


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