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Anybody have luck getting a "pay for delete" with Badcock Furniture?


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I had an account that was set up with recurring payments. I thought I had the account paid off in November of last year AND we changed banking institutions at the same time. 

That being the case, I did not bother with updating my information with Badcock. Then, in January, I started getting phone calls from Badcock. I was made aware that I still owed $154. So, I paid them $100 on the spot and asked to have the remaining amount auto deducted one month later - or so I thought.

Fast forward to me talking with my mortgage broker last week...he informs me that I have a 30 day late showing from Badcock and this was really hurting me.

I have already contacted Badcock and requested a "pay for delete". The initial representative told me that they couldn't do it. I have requested a manager contact me so I could try to get higher up the food chain - to hopefully someone who could assist me.

Has anyone had any luck with this or have any advice of how I should handle this?       With fees, it is only $84 - so, it's not an issue with paying it, I just want it off my report.

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