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Need an advice before i call Javitch firm

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I had a debt with citybank and then got served By cavalry a year ago, i went to court to file an answer and they advice me to leave it alone, so i did. Then on january i received another letter appointing a receiver for any assets that i have and bank Accounts. I did not completely understand this letter so went once again to court and advice me to pay it. 
i have been trying to reach them but no answer yet, and i have never received a call from any of them. 
any advices??

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Bad news.  It sounds like they got a judgment against you, and are now trying to collect on it by taking assets and levying bank accounts.  

You got VERY BAD advice from the court, not to file an answer.  That's how the plaintiff got the judgment.  Usually, an ethical court clerk will say they can't give legal advice.  This sounds like they are in cahoots with the creditor plaintiff.   And now they just tell you to pay it.  

The first thing I would do is go to the court and get the entire case file to find out exactly what happened.

Then, is there any legal assistance you can get for free or low-cost?  Legal Aid, or a law school legal clinic?  Or contact a consumer attorney?  Or file a complaint with the state's bar disciplinary panel?  I smell a huge scandal of CORRUPTION here that some watchdog group would love to expose and defeat.  I am sure you are not the only consumer who got duped by this court.

Please forgive me if I am wrong here, but I get the impression from your post that English may be your second language?  Perhaps you are an immigrant or a minority?  Perhaps the court is discriminating against such people?   Groups that help immigrants or minorities should be another approach to take, if that is the case here.

@texasrocker, do you have any advice here?


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36 minutes ago, nobk4me said:

@texasrocker, do you have any advice here?


Just what you said- get the whole case file.  This OP is not telling the whole story.  No court clerk or anyone there with any authority would tell a defendant to not file an answer. True, some may say they are not allowed to give legal advice but there is no way that could be misconstrued as "do nothing."  I have never heard of a clerk refusing to explain the court's procedures because they are not uniform in all courts. At the very least the papers attached to the summons explain that the answer must be filed by the stated deadline. 

Perhaps she forgot about it or for whatever reason failed to answer on time and subsequently there was a hearing date set so she decided to show up with an answer at that time and the JDB attorney was there and told her that.  That is the only person who has anything to gain and we all know that some of them are evil s.o.b.'s.


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I don't know, I think there may be corrupt courts out there. I encountered a magistrate who acted like he had something to gain by advocating for the plaintiff, when he was supposed to be neutral. He tried to take advantage of what he THOUGHT was a stupid pro se (me).  He thought he could con me into paying a creditor from my Social Security.  But I know that is exempt income, and told him so. He backed down, then.  So I am inclined to believe the OP.

To the OP: Since they did get a judgment and are now trying to collect, if you can't pay it or set up a payment plan, you need to learn your state's exemptions from a judgment, and be ready to assert them.  A judgment creditor can't take everything you own.  But they may try if you let them. In Texas they can't garnish wages, which is why they are going after assets and bank accounts.

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