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Ok so I'm new to this process and when I discovered I could "e-file" I envisioned uploading a few pdf files before midnight... it's now 6:24pm and midnight is approaching before I'm technically judgement-eligible...

Can I call the actual debt-buyer tomorrow and settle (lump sum) before the attorneys have the chance to file to enter judgement and garnish wages, etc? If so, what document do I request from the debt buyer to prove the debt is cleared to the courts? Just a $0 balance? Would I still be liable for the fees the lawyers accrued for filing the suit?



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It depends.  There was a time when I was negotiating with banks in foreclosure cases while also fighting their attorneys.  In that situation, the attorneys had no power to negotiate.

With credit card debt, the attorneys usually have the power to negotiate.  And they are the ones who will do all the filing, etc.  

Your best bet is to reach out to the opposing attorney.  If they want you to negotiate directly with the creditor, they will tell you. But most of the time the creditor will ignore you or tell you to negotiate with the attorney.  So start with the attorney.  

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