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Duane K. Knopke


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Dear Sir,

I believe it was in the summer of 2020  that I was contacted by Hunt & Henriques stating that they were collecting a debt for Capital One Bank.  They claimed that they had obtained a judgement against me from the Superior Court of Calif., County of San Diego, North County Division, Limited Civil Jurisdiction.  I received a notice in the mail from the court and contacted H & H.  They set me up with a monthly payment plan for I think was approximately $184 /mo that was to be taken out of my checking account.  I believe it was for 3 or 4 months.  Then it stopped.  I was thinking that it was ongoing.  On 07/19/20 I received a written note that if I was experiencing financial hardship, I should contact them and we could work together.  I believe I tried, but once again no response to my calls.  On 11/09/2020 I received a document from the court saying that I was $910.00 past due and to make a payment withing 10 days to Capital One Bank.  I didn't have the money and tried to contact H & H.  When I called the lady told me that she looked up my account and that they were no longer collecting on it.  She couldn't refer me to anyone else.  I called Capital One and they referred me back to H & H.  I called again and left messages, but no return call.  I didn't follow up because I didn't know what to do.  On Feb. 17th I got another notification from the Superior Court stating that a change of address had been put into the Court by H & H.  Any suggestions?  Thank you for your time and response. Duane K. Knopke

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17 hours ago, dknopke said:

On Feb. 17th I got another notification from the Superior Court stating that a change of address had been put into the Court by H & H. 

Do you mean a change of address for you or for H & H? If phone calls to them are never returned, have you tried writing to them at the address provided? I would be sure to send it USPS certifed mail return receipt so you have proof of receipt with a signature. 

Do you have bank statements that show the payments you made? Were there sufficient funds in the account the month the withdrawal stopped? 

Most important, who owns the judgment on this account? Were you sued by Capitol One Bank as plaintiff with H & H representing them? 

@RyanEX, @sadinca any suggestions? 

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