Can we file for arbitration after being sued and filing answer?

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We are being sued by Calvary SPV LLC for a Citibank card for $5097. We've been served and already filed an answer. We did receive a copy of evidence that they provided to the courts consisting of 6 billing statements, card agreement, and bill of sale and assignment. Court is on June 30th.

Is it too late at this point to file for arbitration? There is an arbitration clause in Citibank's card agreement. If we can file, do we forward anything to the courts and/or attorney? This is all new to us. 

Or is there a way to defend this in court to be in our favor? Are there specifics we can ask for once in front of the judge? SOL expires in December '21. We have not had any communication with Calvary besides answering the lawsuit where we denied all. Thank you!

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