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Goodwill Letters to Creditors

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Hey everyone!

I just spewed off lots of Goodwill emails and letters yesterday. I'm doing the saturation method. Has anyone had any success with GW letters? I'm doing some for FSCU (TX credit union), TBACU (TX credit union), Target, and Cap 1. Any feedback would be great! I've already heard back from the president of TBACU and he was very kind and is "looking into it." I also heard from the Chief Lending Officer for FSCU and she stated that by law they have to report accurately, which I replied back with "I know the Fair Credit Report Act requires the information being reported to be accurate. The FCRA, however, also dictates that is not mandatory to report any information at all and reporting is at the full discretion of the creditor. I know this account is being report accurately but, in the interest of customer service and goodwill, would it be possible to request an early exclusion and extend a one-time courtesy to remove the late payment entries from 2017 and 2018 from my credit before the full 7 years have passed?" We'll see what she responds to that, if anything at all. 


Fingers crossed for positive results!

TIA for any feedback!

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On 6/29/2021 at 4:21 PM, Bulldoger said:

These accounts are current? 

TBACU is our current auto loan. Target is open and current minus the one late payment. FSCU accounts have been paid in full and closed in good standing minus the late payments.

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