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Michigan Judgment Liens / What to do About Duplicate Liens?

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Hello forum. I thought I may get some guidance on here that could help me further my research on a complex topic. I have a situation in the state of Michigan where two judgment liens have been filed against me for the same exact debt. The situation is the following. I was convicted of a tax related offense and the way that federal restitution works under the federal restitution statute (mandatory victim restitution act "MVRA") is that federal restitution orders may be enforced the same way that a tax assessment could be enforced with methods such as the filing of a Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL). The question(s) I am asking are not about the subtle nuisances and complexities of restitution or tax law but only about the laws regarding liens in the state of Michigan. So what ended up happening to me is that the amount I was determined to owe for restitution purposes resulted in two (IRS & DOJ) different government entities filing a lien for the restitution ("although the smart people at the IRS messed up and filed a lien for a much larger amount but I am fixing that on my own at the moment so no help needed there"). What I want to be able to do is to find a statutory provision or court opinion that states that in the state of Michigan a lien could not be filed by two parties for the same debt (a.k.a. a duplicate lien). This is not a federal statutory or tax law question but only a question regarding liens in Michigan.

I have conducted some basic research by going through the judgment lien statute on MCL 600.2801-600.2819 and have not found anything stating that a duplicate lien could not be filed for the same debt by two different parties. If someone could help provide me with guidance I could really have a good chance of invalidating one of these liens. Thanks a lot.

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