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Y'all been slackin'

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Case in point:  I just checked out the Leaderboard link, and discovered I'm still ranked 39th in rep.  No big deal.  Except I hadn't posted since 2013!  ? 
I know I gots some street cred and all, but I expected to not even see my account anywhere on that page.

39th.png.619eac88de753cb0c50cd50205483b07.png   I 


So, since its' been 8 freaking years, some vB system update has helpfully changed my password for me.  And the email I used was a domain I hosted myself  which is long dead, so I can't reset it myself, hence... this MKII account.

I wouldn't mind being myself again at some point, I feel like I'm stalking an alter personality when I go reading my old stuff, but it might be something only a Kristi can do--I don't recall if SuperMods have access to the vB user editor panels or not, but I'd just need my email updated.

It's kind of weird seeing so many of the same familiar names posting, almost like coming back to a town you haven't seen in years, and the streets and storefronts have changed slightly, but then you realize you've just been punked by Rod Serling, and you've gone back in time, and there's everybody you used to know, sitting on the same front porches, talking about the same things they did all those years ago. 
Or maybe that's just a long winded description of nostalgia?

Anyway, nice to see those of you I recognize again.  Don't mind me, I'm just creepin' round your porches eavesdropping for a while.


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