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Memorandum of Costs Help with the form. EXPENSES

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I received from the JDB their Trial Brief and the Memorandum of Costs form by mail.

My Trial Brief is ready and I assume I should include my Memorandum of Costs too before I file mine with the court..

Does anybody knows what I am allowed to request for expenses besides court fees? (California Case).

If possible, I would like to request money for the 3 days I went to court and the trial was postpone because the JBD wasn't ready for trial. (I know, it was unfair and I objected). I missed 3 days at work $$$$.

I spend 20 hours on research ( mostly in this forum :)) answering and requesting documents during discovery. I spent  money making copies, mailing documents, driving to court (gas ain't cheap in Cali,  ect

Do I need to have receipts for all my expenses?

I couldn't find any samples online about this topic.


Thank you.

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The funds for making copies, mailing documents, and any court fees are what you can put on there. You cannot expense for lost time for work or your fuel going to and returning from work. Unfortunately, the courts really stick it to the Pro Se defendant because an attorney would be able to expense their fee on the form which would cover everything they do.

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According to CCP 581.5, you can some expenses if the plaintiff fails to appear or is not prepared for trial and the court denies a continuance.


In a case involving consumer debt, as defined in Section 1788.2 of the Civil Code, and as regulated under Title 1.6C.5 (commencing with Section 1788.50) of Part 4 of Division 3 of the Civil Code, if the defendant debtor appears for trial on the scheduled trial date, and the plaintiff debt buyer either fails to appear or is not prepared to proceed to trial, and the court does not find a good cause for continuance, the court may, in its discretion, dismiss the action with or without prejudice. Notwithstanding any other law, in this instance, the court may award the defendant debtor’s costs of preparing for trial, including, but not limited to, lost wages and transportation expenses.

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