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what is a BOP? who is good to contact to deal with Kenosian and Miele


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This is a general description. 

What is a bill of particulars in California?

The object of a Bill of Particulars, per California Collection Law, is to give the party demanding it reasonable notice of the items constituting the claim sued on so that he or she may prepare for trial. ... See California Code of Civil ProcedureSection 454.

Do a search for previous posts by "Seadragon"  also "Calawyer" Some excellent advise and suggestions on use of California forms and procedures are available from older postings on this forum. 


As for the law firm Kenosian & Miele, do a search on the search bar on the top right and for "Kenosian & Miele" and you will find a lot of activity to review including some in California. Read through, develop your questions and you can get good help on this forum. 

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4 hours ago, HueyPilot said:

See California Code of Civil Procedure Section 454

What are the documents that "MUST" be included by the JDB when the BOL is requested?

What if the JDB only sends card statements?

What do they need to send in order to comply with the BOP request? I got the normal BS (attorney-client privilege and I didn't get anything that I already had. On my second request I even specified I was requesting then under (Money Lent Cause of action). No luck either..."Plaintiff is still investigation the case, we had contacted the OC, bla, bla, bla

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All this stuff is a little unsettling I know. Now that it has been a few days and your are ready to start the research and initiate the fight you will want to look at this great California win against Midland. It has explanations and samples/templates of forms used for the case.  


This go's back a few years to winning with a conventional court case but the unique California form information and deadlines are useful. The current tactic is to go with arbitration and I recommend you look at the postings by Fisthardcheese for that. 

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