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Was looking at my credit reports and saw the one from Chase. It shows payment history starting from Jan 2012 and shows "no data" all the way until July 2017 then goes to charge off/not current and continues with that until June 2018 then after that nothing. Nothing has been reported the the credit bureau's for 3 years. since they are showing my payment history from 2012, which would make it over 9 years if looking at todays date, can I have the credit bureau's remove this from my reports?

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No you can't have it removed. It will remove seven years from the first missed payment that lead to the charge off. 

The statute of limitations SOL for your card is 4 years plus 90 days trolling due to COVID.  Depending on last activity you maybe past the SOL. 

Chase has given out really low settlement offers to members here after the SOL has past. 

Only way you will have it removed before the 7 years is a pay to delete with Chase. 

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