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Email solicitation from Attorney wanting to negotiation settlement on Wells Fargo Account in good standing?


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It appears Wells Fargo is selling account names. I haven't used their card in a while but have paid on the account punctually for eight or nine years. Some minor balance exists but the ration of actual to available credit helps me on my credit score. I'm a little concerned why a third party is solicting me as I have never contacted these people. Never! I don't now what recourse I have with Wells Fargo. I'm sure with some kind of a letter to the solicitor I can resolve further contact. Any suggestions for Wells Farco recourse.

Your problem with Wells Fargo


Erin Nutt erin@agrusslawfirm.com via agrusslawfirm.onmicrosoft.com 

8:17 AM (3 hours ago)
to huey


You recently contacted us about Wells Fargo. Whether you owe the debt or not, we can help you find out who’s calling, stop the calls, review your credit report, and answer your financial questions at no cost to you.  Please call me at 312-300-5996. We have settled over 5000 consumer rights cases, and we would like to help you, too. This is FREE to you.  You will not pay us a penny in fees or costs. You have nothing to lose. Watch this video to learn more about your rights.






Erin Nutt | Legal Assistant | my bio

4809 N Ravenswood Ave, Suite 419, Chicago, IL 60640

Tel: 312-224-4695 | Cell: 312-755-6606 | Fax: 312-253-4451





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I have no idea what this means.  I looked up the law firm on the internet, and they practice consumer law.  

At this point you don't know how they got your name and info.  Perhaps you could email the legal assistant and ask.  He probably won't know.  

It doesn't look like you have any course of action vs. Wells Fargo right now.  You would need proof that they are reporting your account as delinquent, and even then you may not have any cause of action against them.  

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Here is what I sent them:


Cease and Desist:
I have never contacted you or your offices, will never contact you and find these types of solicitations unprofessional. I have an active Wells Fargo account in good standing. Your reference to Wells Fargo included in your  unwanted solicitation suggests you have purchased a list or are a party to identity theft or contacts obtained by hacking or other illegal means.
If you are indeed a law firm I suggest you read the Illinois Bar Association note on etchics: https://www.isba.org/sites/default/files/ethicsopinions/96-10.pdf


 According to Rule 7.1 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, an attorney or law firm is prohibited from making false or misleading communication about the lawyer or their service'sMay 31, 2019


Any further communications or emails from your office will be forwarded as a complaint to the Illinois Bar. 





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