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Demand for Payment


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42 minutes ago, wernda1234 said:

 Do you think they will file? Would they still be SOL?  Is their an arbitration clause in the card holder agreement?

Yes there is an Arbitration clause. I gave in and just sent a letter in response which states : This letter serves as notice that I, dispute the above referenced account.

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On 9/30/2021 at 8:14 PM, Robby8900 said:

Are you saying that I can't use the borrowing statute as in taylor

It appears that the borrowing statute will apply only if the plaintiff seeks post-default interest in excess of Ohio’s statutory interest rate.

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23 hours ago, BV80 said:

If the plaintiff seeks post-default interest, it’s going to be demanded in the complaint.  It will usually specify if the interest demanded is statutory or contractual.  

It's not the interest the plaintiff is seeking that is hard to determine.  What is hard to determine is Ohio's statutory interest rate.  

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