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Reason to state for Arbitration - Help please

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Hi! I am in TN. I have been reading though these forums and have used arbitration once by the advice here. I was able to settle for 1/8 of the debt with the JDB. We went to court and the Judge allows each person to speak with the attorneys before he even looks at anything. The lawyer said go ahead and file for Arbitration and he re-set the court date so I went straight home and filed. Once it was accepted by AAA and they sent the lawyer a bill for $300 filing fee and $2,500 deposit the lawyer called me immediately to settle. 

Now, I have an OC (Citibank) who has accepted my MTC on there own with out an order signed by the Judge but has submitted an Order themselves to agree to Arbitration set for October 25th, 2021. (They rescheduled the court date saying they needed time to review MTC so the judge never saw the MTC). They requested it be done through AAA as stated in the CC agreement and that I pay my filing fee and send the info to the Court once done (giving me 60 days after Oct 25th). On the other case I did have a valid FDCPA against the JDB when I filed Arbitration and stated "violation of FDCPA" as my reason for filing Arbitration. I do not know what reason to put for filing this Arbitration. I cannot find a violation in any paperwork. I got no notice of the debt from anyone ever... no letter from Citi and no letter from the attorney just a court summons served. I had no chance to ask for validation or or opportunity to settle. The debt is $4,500. 

What should I file with AAA as my reason? or Should I speak with the law firm and offer a settlement stating the Arbitration coast will be $2,500 + $300 filing fee and offer $2,000  to settle now or just carry on with the Arbitration? Has anyone dealt with Citibank in Arbitration? Any advice would be so very much appreciated!

If anymore info is needed please let me know and Thanks again!

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