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Portfolio Recovery sued me but now sending a hardship application???


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So portfolio recovery sued me with a acting attorney, I answered lawsuit and sent in a settlement offer of around 22% percent of original amount owed.  It’s stil on the court documents online.  So yesterday I received this in the mail from Portfolio not the attorneys.  I don’t understand. I made a offer now this? Has anyone ever got this before? Are they trying to be tricky? Why isn’t the attorney reaching out with this? The date I responded to the complaint summons was 9/21/21. Along with the settlement offer.  Im

not sure how to respond to this due to the lawsuit pending . It shows online the status is pending a alternate resolution and a mediator will be assigned by March 29,2022. Should I call their attorney first to just ask what is happening? Should I file this request from portfolio with the pending case in court? This is confusing because I already made a settlement offer. I mean why would they do this and not decline or accept my offer. I know in the complaint answer I asked for plaintiff to prove that I had received any documentation involving this debt . One of their complaints stated that the original creditor sent a letter in reference to “right to cure” but I never received that either and I asked for them to prove that also. I declined admittance of amounts owed due to the lack of knowledge because the original creditor  no longer had the account listed on my credit report. But as admitted that I did aquire the account way back in 2009. They had bill of sale , affidavits of the sale via Portfolio records employee. They had the interest sheets etc. so the loan was real but this whole shift of offering me a hardship program makes me feel like something else is up . The letter is dated September 25th but I just received it October 8th . It’s says I have 30 days to respond. What should I do?



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56 minutes ago, MLH said:

Ty I was just curious as to why they just wouldn’t take my offer .  Seems kinda dumb that they are willing for me to pay nothing than make a little on what I owe. 

I agree with @BackFromTheDebt.  In addition, once a lawsuit is filed, it’s possible that PRA has a minimum percentage that it will agree to settle for unless a defendant can show hardship.  You also need to understand that negotiation can be part of the process.  You want to pay as little as possible, but they want to get as much as possible.  

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