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Texas courts question


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I keep getting solicitations from a BK lawyer about two different JDB cases filed against me in Montgomery county JP5, which is in Magnolia, TX.  Their website for that small court has no search function so I can see them for myself or download the complaint in .pdf format like other precincts do.


I e-mailed the law firm asking what they use to search online to find the cases filed against me in the first place, and they just tell me to let them know if I want to hire them for BK or defense, so I guess they don't want to tell me.  


Does anyone have any clue where I can find the cases online?  I want to see them before I am served to give me more time to write my defense. 


(I may just have to drive down there and get copies)





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yeah, Texas courts are weird.  There is county, district and Justice of the Peace courts, each having their own website.  I contacted the JP5 clerk who said there was no way to see cases online for that court, which is why I was wondering what site the lawfirm used to find the cases against me.


I've seen the pleadings by the ambulance chasing lawyers on the District Court website, and they file a weak answer, then their client either settles or has an agreed judgment filed.

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