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Calvary Changed debt settlement offer & lied . Should I wait to file JAMS ?


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I am frustrated because I was willing to settle the debts with Calvary after they sent the settlement offer. I request the help or suggestion of a third party with respect to the settlement offer. “Resolve” said they might try to see if I can reduce the amount so that they start contact with the calvary. 
Since there was not much time left for me to accept the offers within 45 days, I also asked Calvary to validate the debt.

They offered me $6,500 and $13,000 to resolve. I don't understand why the resolve to get a much higher bid than what I have in the mail.

When I called the number of the letter to discuss and accept offers, the officer told me that my account was being transferred back to Citibank. It's strange after they bought the debts. He then says, because Citibank now has the debt back, he can't accept my payment.  I find that bizarre. So he then said call this number that he said Citibank number and it may be a different offer after I accepted their initial offer (which per agent no longer valid ). 
The same day, I received a message from Resolve saying that they received an offer of $13,000 from Calvary. So I was lied to. I told Resolve to deny the offer because I was upset. I check the 1800 number given to me and it is not Citibank but Calvary. How is this possible? Now, do I need to wait until a lawsuit  is filed before starting JAMS arbitration?At this point no way i will pay them $13000 when they were willing to do $6500. The debt validation that Calvary sent to me only showing two short statements and that’s all . 

FYI: American Litigation Law Group is powered by Resolve, a secure online debt resolution technology platform. Settle debts faster and spend less time on the phone by entering your settlement offers online or updating collection placements.



the settlement letter received on the mail was from financial services Inc (agency collecting on behalf of Calvary ).

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