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$130,000 medical bill, no idea what to do next


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After working extensively on repairing my credit, the wife has no credit, and "eating rice and beans" and fighting in court, finally had my credit going in the right direction. 


Unfortunately the wife ended up in the ER and in the hospital for 12 days. We have no medical insurance because I make too much for Medicade and all the insurance on the market place that we could afford was very high deductible (5k+) which we don't have laying around. My jobs insurance is a joke and almost $600/pay check. 


Well.....the original bill was over $365k and at that point, I seriously gave Ch 7 bankruptcy a thought and was sad since we worked so hard getting my debt cleared and score up. We gave the hospital a call, and after many many hours negotiating with them, they lowered it to $128,322.76 with help from their "charity account" 


They still want a minimum payment of $1300 a month. Which is almost my entire paycheck. 

So here I am, no idea what to do. Reading about how this hospital has sued many people over smaller debts and have a fearce collection team. Which I have experienced, they call 4-5 times a day and atleast 2 letters a week. I don't know what the next steps to take. I'm in Texas

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For some, bankruptcy is a godsend.

We often advise people to avoid bankruptcy if at all possible, to preserve the option if they run up enormous hospital bills.

This IS an enormous hospital bill.  This may be a situation where bankruptcy IS a godsend.


I would strongly suggest you speak with a good bankruptcy attorney.  

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First off, you did your best to negotiate with the medical provider. If they cannot come up with something you can afford however, you are bankrupt and that is that with that. You tried your best to avoid it. I would discuss you case with a BK attorney however to make sure there are no surprises. Even credit counseling cannot help with this. I put this under the category of bad things happening to good people.

With that said, once the dust settles, you should take another look at the high deductible plan. Yes, $5k is a huge amount but would have been more manageable than $365k or $130k.

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